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Warmly celebrate the company's "China Foundr


Warmly celebrate the company's "China Foundr

Company news
Release time:
2020/07/08 15:52

On July 25, 2017, Executive Vice President of China Foundry Association, Executive Vice President of the Foundry Institute of the National Open University, Zhi Xiaoheng, Director of the China Foundry Association Vocational Education and Training Center Jing Liwen, Assistant Director of the China Foundry Association Vocational Education Center, opened Miao Yu, Assistant Dean of the University Foundry College, Jin Fan, Project Manager of the China Casting Association, and Chen Shizhong, deputy head of the Kazuo County Government, Liu Zhencheng, deputy director of the Kazuo County Government Office, and Dong Yujie, Director of the Economic and Information Bureau of Kazuo County The company visited the company and attended the honoring ceremony of the "China Foundry Industry Training Base". Chairman of the company Wang Zhaohai, deputy general manager Wang Fei, Cong Ziling, Li Chengxue, Wang Chengguo and financial director Li Jingyong accompanied.


It is reported that among the foundry enterprises in Liaoning Province, only our company has won this honor. We are more sensational and feel that it is a heavy social responsibility and trust.


China's foundry industry is facing transformation and upgrading, and it requires a large number of high-quality industrial workers and professional technicians. The company will take this opportunity to play an important role in the education and training base. At the same time, we also thank the leaders at all levels for their caring attention.


Honor is also the result of the joint efforts of all Pegasus people. History has proven that the fertile soil that the tireless Pegasus will use with hard sweat will surely shine. Keeping pace with the times, we hope that the employees will make suggestions and make this honor play a greater role, making greater contributions to Pegasus's glory and hometown cause.