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Competitive advantages
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★ Leading industry scale


The company is China's largest manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial axle components. According to the statistics of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in 2006, the production and sales volume of the company's main products ranked first among domestic similar enterprises. The proportion of the company's product exports to the total export value of similar products in the country is: brake drum 76.25%, wheel hub 17.8%, system The market is 11.13%. In 2007, the company produced 160,000 tons of slabs and processed 1.95 million pieces of various products. By the end of 2008, the company had sold 1.3 million brake drums, 700,000 wheels and 200,000 brake discs. After the investment expansion in 2009, the company has an annual output of 310,000 tons of auto parts, about 4 million pieces. The scale advantage is obvious because it can supply a large number of large companies to large companies in the industry at the same time.


At present, the shift of auto parts production capacity to developing countries led by China is the development trend of the automobile industry. Scale advantage is one of the important guarantees for companies to seize market opportunities.


★ Higher market reputation


The company is one of the first companies in the country to explore the international market. In the international auto parts market, relevant laws and industry standards are very strict. For example, the “automotive assembly of automotive parts” market has an iron law: “There are quality problems or potential quality problems, manufacturers must sell to the market, and the cars being used are recalled.” The company has withstood this test for ten years. The iron law. The company's reputation, industry experience, and especially the industry experience in the international market enable the company to meet the requirements of international commercial vehicle parts first and second line suppliers, technology, production organization and quality control in basic management. Strong market reputation advantage.


★Advanced technology and production equipment


The company's technical level and quality testing capabilities have a certain position in the industry. The company has passed the second-party certification of internationally renowned shaft parts manufacturers, while the second-party certification is more stringent than international standards (also known as "third-party certification", such as the ISO9000 series). For the third-party certification commonly used in the same industry in China, the company has passed the above-mentioned second-party certification, indicating that the company has successfully entered the international first- and second-line supply chain industrial chain. Advanced technology and product quality.

The company has a high level of smelting and casting technology, and is equipped with a large number of CNC finishing equipment to ensure that the products can meet the mechanical performance and precision required by foreign customers. The company has invested heavily in quality control and is equipped with advanced instruments such as spectroscopic detectors, 3D coordinate accuracy detectors and X-ray flaw detectors. In August 2007, the company's Technology Development Department was recognized as a “Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” approved by the Liaoning Provincial Economic Commission, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Finance, and the Liaoning Provincial Local Taxation Bureau (Liaoyi Science and Technology Bureau). [2007] No. 227).


★Excellent marketing ability


The company has always adhered to the marketing strategy based on the international market. After years of operation and exploration, it has obvious advantages in international marketing capabilities. On the one hand, the company's overall image has been recognized by many international first- and second-line auto parts suppliers. At present, the company maintains business relationships with more than 30 international auto parts suppliers and distributors, and its products are sold to more than 30 countries around the world. On the other hand, the company has an efficient and stable marketing team. The core staff of the team has many years of experience, and has a deep understanding of the development trend of domestic and foreign industries and the company's specific conditions, enabling the company to seize market competition. Must take the lead.


★Good brand image


The company's brand ("TrailerMaster", "Chaoyang Pegasus") has a high brand image in the field of heavy commercial axle components. Since 1998, Pegasus Casting has adopted CAIEC TrailerMaster CO. , LTD as the English name of the company. The company's "TrailerMaster", "Chaoyang Pegasus" brand and the origin label "KZ" enjoy a high reputation.


★Enterprise concept advantage


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