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Established in 1972, with a registered capital of 4 million yuan, a total of 70 employees, plant construction area of ​​500M2, mainly to produce radiators;

In 1995, the company switched to the brake drum for commercial vehicles, mainly for export;

In 1997, the brake drum hub products produced by the company began to provide support to Southeast Asian OEM manufacturers, and the CVA market in Europe and America;

In 1998, the company introduced foreign capital, and the company entered a period of rapid development. It acquired the state-owned “Textile Machinery Factory” to establish the hub, brake drum production and export base, and rapidly expanded the brake drum after-sales service market share in North America. In 1999, the company's products entered the US trailer axle. , hanging the mainstream OEM original market, and rapid development;

In 2002, it began to develop large-scale brake discs for commercial axles, and established mature marketing networks in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, South America and Africa.

In 2004, the company invested 160 million yuan to build two of the most advanced pneumatic molding lines at that time, producing wheels and brake drums. The output of the year was doubled compared with the previous year, and the products of 450 containers were exported monthly. International top trailer axle manufacturers began to adopt our products;

In 2005, it entered the European OEM market for trailer axles for the first time;

In 2006, it achieved a 30% market share in the US trailer axle market;

In 2007, the company invested 260 million yuan to introduce the three most advanced static molding lines in the same industry in China, supporting processing equipment and electrophoresis painting lines;

In 2008, China's domestic trucks were first developed. Brake drums, wheels and brake discs for passenger car axles. And the market share of the brake drum/wheel for the trailer axle reaches 35%;

In 2009, the company achieved an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons. Based on the consolidation of the trailer axle market, the implementation of heavy trucks and the trial production of the bus axle market, the company entered the construction machinery vehicle and the development of casting machine parts for the engine parts industry for the first time;