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Address by the Chairman


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"Chaoyang Pegasus" means continuous progress and vigor, and it is also a symbol totem of hope and a better future.


Chaoyang Pegasus has taken a great step towards its ideal and goal after nearly 30 years of hard struggle. A leading enterprise group, which integrates mining, mineral processing, smelting and automobile equipment manufacturing, stands on the sacred land of Western Liaoning Province with its head held high. Its size, the energy released by it and the comprehensive ability of Pegasus have aroused worldwide concern. People attach great importance to Pegasus, which has made great contributions to the economic development and social stability of the region and the country, and laid a solid foundation for the revitalization of the economic development of Liaoning old industrial base, the employment of a large number of resettlement personnel and the construction of a harmonious society. Achievements have been achieved through the hard work and sweat of Pegasus, with the support, concern and help of leaders and friends from all walks of life. I am here to thank you on behalf of all Pegasus.


All the honors and achievements will become the past, it will gradually accumulate in the long river of years, Pegasus are pursuing a better and vibrant tomorrow. Nowadays in China, great waves and rushing sand are golden self-existence. We are in an era of great national development and a new era of great span. We are facing new competition and challenges. Self-confident and hard-working Pegasus will shoulder a new mission to create a more brilliant tomorrow through thorns and perseverance.


We sincerely invite leaders at all levels and colleagues and friends from all walks of life to continue to give us strong support and help. We will unswervingly adhere to the quality policy of "diversified development, establishing the image of Pegasus, putting credibility first, expanding the international market" and the concept and purpose of "seizing opportunities, rapid development, scientific management, steadily strengthening", with a view to accepting all rivals, being generous and pragmatic. Wide-minded and far-sighted, the world's elite, work hand in hand to create a better tomorrow, for the prosperity of the country, for the Chinese nation to stand in the East of the world to make our due contribution.


Thank you!