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First, the basic conditions

1. Recruitment positions: 50 casting workers, 30 mechanics, 10 drilling workers, 2 quality inspectors, 5 assistant workers, 3 technicians, 10 salesmen, 2 foreign trade commissioners, 3 property management personnel. .


2, visual acuity: left and right eye naked vision are above 0.8 (inclusive);


3. Age: 18 years old - 55 years old;


4. Others: Have the spirit of hard work and hard work, adapt to the shift work in the workshop.


Second, the salary standard

1. Foundry workers (power): piece-rate wages, 3,000 yuan per month - 5,000 yuan or more, more work and more, not capped;


Turning workers: piece-rate wages, about 3000-5000 yuan, more work and more, not capped.


Lathe auxiliary workers: piece-rate wages, about 2500-3500 yuan, more than a lot of work is not capped.


Drilling workers: piece-rate wages, more than 3,500-4,500 yuan, more work and more, not capped.


Drilling machine sub-operation: piece-rate wages, 3000-3500 or more, more work and more, not capped.


Painter: piece-rate wages, about 3000-3500 yuan, more work and more, not capped.


With or without work experience, no wages are owed.


2. Welfare: The company handles pension, medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State Labor Department; it distributes labor protection supplies on a monthly basis and regularly distributes welfare products.


3, the company unified accommodation, 4-6 people, there is a unified beggar, a person responsible for cleaning. Accommodation costs: 1 yuan / day per person; the company has a welfare canteen, the monthly food cost is about 300-400 yuan.


3. Working address: Gongyingzi Industrial Park, Kazuo County, Liaoning Province


Contact number: 7098000 18940541000


Another sales clerk, office clerk, college degree or above, male or female, work experience is preferred.


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