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Company introduction


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Trailer Master is the enterprises of 100 tops in Liao Ning Province,it locate at Xin Hua Road No. 1, Ka Zuo Town. It on the west of the Bo Hai Sea, near the Lu’er hu mountain, beside the Mang Niu River. The Trailer Master is 500 Meter away from Jin Zhou-Cheng De rail way, only 1 kilo-meter away from the No.101 national road, 2 kilo-meter away from the ChangChun-ShenZhen High way.Its geographical position is so preponderance that the transport is Well-developed ,and the tourism  resources is abundantly . Around Trailer Master,there are many cultural landscape ,like Hong Shan ancient cultural relic, paleontology fossil museum, ruins of pigeon cave, Lantau Peak, Chao Yang Cave, White Wolf Mountain ,and so on. In the Trailer Master company,The company now sells 53 countries and regions, and she will produce the truck component 150 thousands tons. Trailer Master takes 470,000 square meter cover area,the  area of structure is 16,300 square meter.


development history


Trailer Master founded on 1972, at that time it give priority to produce radiator, from 1996 year, this company began to do heavy commercial vehicle parts and components manufacturing. after more than 10 years of development, Trailer Master has already been the biggest manufacturer and export merchant of Break drums/hubs/break discs on heavy commercial vehicle, it from a small collective enterprises developed into a well-known and leading modern manufacturing enterprises in the industry. Since develop overseas market, Trailer Master insists use the quality standards and control system same as the developed countries . The company has passed ISO - 9002 and QS - 9000 and ISO/TS16949 quality system certification, the export products passed the Product Performance Test of American society of automotive engineers standard SAE - J1095  and the USA motor vehicle safety standards FMVSS - 121, etc. Beside this,the company also passed the check of several large international components suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.


Corporate structure


The chaoyang Trailer Master casting company LTD was established in 1998, On the November-2004, The chaoyang Trailer Master group machinery manufacturing co., LTD and The chaoyang Trailer Master group materials recycling co., LTD Was established. The parent company in KaZuo radiator factory in 2003 changed its name to chaoyang Trailer Master group axle component co., LTD, In July 2007 changed its name to chaoyang Trailer Master vehicle equipment co., LTD. it is given priority to with the development of the auto parts and processing and sales, At presents, it developped and produced  three series of products, It contain more than 2300 types of products, Annual production capacity of 150000 tons. Companies keep business with more than 50 foreign buyers , at the same time of supply of domestic OEM market , About 67% of exports.Mainly exported to the United States, Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Australia, the Netherlands and southeast Asia more than 40 countries and regions. In July 2006, the company by the ministry of commerce and national development and reform commission jointly identified as "national auto parts export base enterprises"


Technical equipment


Company product research and development level and the quality detection in the industry in the world advanced, the domestic leading position. In 2006 the company developed "high carbon high strength gray cast iron brake drum" passed the fatigue experiment of detection of the American society of automotive engineers (SAE) , This achievement filled up the blank of domestic cannot produced high carbon content, high mechanical performance requirements of the grsay cast iron brake drum . In August 2007, the economic commission in liaoning province, liaoning province finance department, liaoning province local taxation bureau (the technology economy of  liaoning [2007] no. 227) approval documents, Company's technical research and development center was identified as "provincial enterprise technology center"Company in smelting casting, machining are all has high technology level, And equipped with a large number of real-time monitoring equipmentto ensure the products to the domestic and foreign customers the required mechanical performance and accuracy, The company in June 2005 built machinery company 2 automatic production line, and the fourth branch plant three fully automatic static pressure molding line which built in 2008, its production equipment, experiment facilities all reached the international big clients of the quality management system standards。At present,there are more than 1500 sets production and processing equipment in the company, Invest heavily in quality monitoring and control, Equipped with spectrum detector, the 3 d coordinate precision detector, X-ray flaw detection detector and other advanced equipment, to reduce other machinery of high precision, stability, the influence of unstable factors on the product quality strictly the quality pass, with high quality products to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.


Glories of company


The development of the company over the years, also obtained the social consensus, for many years been in the provinces and cities as "large tax" and "meritorious enterprise", "advanced unit" and other honorary titles ; In 2006 ,the national development and reform commission and the ministry of commerce jointly awarded the "national auto parts export base enterprises" ; In 2012 the company won the "guard contract, heavy reputation," the honorary title of liaoning province; “TrailerMaster”evaluation by liaoning provincial administration for industry and the honorary title of famous trademark in liaoning province Part of the company worker also awarded "113 talents project", the city of liaoning province "model worker", "advanced individual" such as honor, chairman of the board of directors of the company won the national "51" labor medal, Wang Zhaohai and national model worker "and other honorary titles.


In the face of competition and challenges in the new stage, The company timely and accurately grasp the market opportunities for development, Innovation, forge ahead. the industrious and intelligent TM staff adhering to the company "the pursuit of excellence, establishing the image of TrailerMaster, The quality policy of supremacy of credibility, broaden the international market, and insists seize the opportunity, high-speed development, scientific management, steady and strong "concept and purpose, Every little helps a mickle, high morality and pragmatic mind and  foresight, attracting the talent all the word, work together to create a more beautiful future.